The Story

Traveling has been a huge part of my life. In fact, my email address used to be RATHERBETRAVELIN. I have visited so many exotic and exciting places, it’s impossible to list them all; some countries I have visited no longer exist!
Over the past 50 plus years of my travels, I picked up rocks, stones, shells, beads and little trinkets from the far flung places I have visited.
Menopause played havoc with my sleep pattern. I only got a few hours of sleep each day. So the majority of my nights were spent looking for quiet activities. The boxes of stones and trinkets beckoned me, so I started making jewelry for myself to wear.
It turned out to be a hit! I have often sold the piece I was wearing to other people!
It’s now time to start finding new homes for these very special items. All the one of a kind pieces have a real story behind them or an amazing influence that inspired their creation. When you purchase a piece, you can request the story behind it. Ask and I’ll send it to you.